As a photographer based in Wanganui, I also have taken some shots around town that have proven quite popular.

The most popular of these is my 'Wanganui Dayscape' - the result of many hours of image merging to create a truly unique view of Wanganui.

It begins at the mouth of the river in the morning, and as you move across the picture, the days turns to sunset, then dusk and then finally midnight.

This image is an excellent gift for a number of occasions, but proves very popular for Wanganui family overseas, people leaving the city or their jobs, or those that have spent many years living here and would like to see Wanganui portrayed in a very flattering light.

It is available as an unframed print in a variety of sizes (sizes are approximate).

42cm x 14cm

48cm x 16cm

84cm x 28cm

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me and I will be happy to help.

I can also be commissioned to produce one of these prints for any landscape or outdoor area. Estimates are available on request.